Mapping Out The Race Year

Even though there’s still about a foot of snow on the ground outside I can almost feel the summer sun. That’s because I spent time today mapping out the races I plan to run this summer and fall.

Thinking about the Riverwalk 10k, Cruise in Shoes 5k, Brooksie Way Half marathon and Detroit Freep Half marathon has me anxious for the race season. This year I think I’ll also add a half marathon early in the year. In May I can choose between The Stony Creek half in Rochester or maybe a trip north for the St. Ignace half in the UP.

One disappointing fact I learned while looking at race calendars is that the popular Oak Apple Run in Royal Oak has called it quits after 40 years. This was one of my favorite races each year. Well organized, nice course, good crowds and close to home. But the founders have announced that after 40 years they are done. I posted last year that I had the race shirt from the 1st annual and I ran the 40th annual (and most in between). 40 Years Running. This event will be missed.

I also am excited about being in a new age group this season. I must admit I looked at the results of some of the races from last year to see what the winning times were in the 60-64 age group. There are some fast old guys out there. But in a few races I could have placed in the top 3 if I ran my best times. That the goal. Bring home the medal. Just like PyeongChang.


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Snow, Paczkis, Beer and More Snow

IMG_0110Parts of the annual 5k Paczki Run in Hamtramck are predictable and parts are unpredictable. The predictable parts are the paczkis, beer and polka tent. Unpredictable? The weather.

The February Saturday before Fat Tuesday in Michigan can be frigid cold, spring-like mild, bright and clear or cloudy and grey. This year the run was the  morning after we got about eight inches of snow. The city did a great job trying to keep the roads clear but it was nearly impossible so as we ran through sloppy snow and slush the corners were tricky and passing other runners took careful footwork. And then there were the potholes. Michigan roads take a beating and the side streets of Hamtramck were no exception. Runners helped each other out by yelling to point out the numerous potholes that could easily cause a fall or twisted ankle.

This sloppy course affected my time as I didn’t want to risk a fall but still almost went down while turning one corner in the slush. So I was not disappointed with a 8:31 pace for a 26:24. For the first race of the year, my 12th place finish out of 136 in my age group was okay.

And of course, there was the predictable paczkis, beer and polka tent at the finish.


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I Couldn’t Pass Up The Beach

Ft Lauderdale beach runThere are times when you just can’t say no. Like when you were looking forward to a run along the Ft. Lauderdale beach on A1A but then you come down with a cold and feel like crap. So, even though I had a sore throat, headache and congestion made it hard to breathe, plus it seemed I didn’t sleep more than a few minutes in a row all night due to coughing, I couldn’t pass up the beach.

Our winter in Detroit, like a lot of country, has been unusually cold and snowy so when I had an overnight business trip to Ft. Lauderdale I built in time for a morning run before my flight back. And I wasn’t going to miss it.

As I started out at sunrise it was 68 degrees and windy. Originally I had planned to do about six miles which would leave me time to shower, grab a quick breakfast then Uber it to the airport. I quickly realized that I didn’t have the energy to do six and it dawned on me that if I pushed myself too far I might get sicker and risk more days of running next week. So a mile and a half down the boardwalk I turned around and headed north back into the wind.

Although I only got in three miles, watching the sun break through the clouds over the ocean was a nice change from the dark, cold, snowy morning running my neighborhood. I’m still dragging two days later but planning to sleep a lot this weekend and hopefully get back out Monday morning.


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Running can be a team sport

Although I generally enjoy running alone more than running with a group, I do miss team sports at times. I don’t play softball anymore, and it’s been many years since I was on a basketball team. So I decided to join the Running Ahead 2018 in 2018 mileage game team competition.

2018 in 2018 has ten teams of about sixteen runners on a team. Each person sets a mileage goal for the year and teams score points based on actual miles over goal. Yes, it’s on the honor system. Runners are trustworthy.

My 2018 goal is 1000 miles so about 20 a week. Some people on my team have higher goals, some have lower. That’s why this team sport works. We’re all trying to beat our own goal but together we have team totals.

i don’t really need motivation to run, but if I do feel like taking some time off this year I now have to think of my team.  And since I’m not planning to let them down I do plan to reach my 1000 mile goal.

Game on!




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2017 Mission Accomplished

Last week I achieved my 2017 mileage goal of 1000 miles and it feels good. When I set that goal a year ago I felt it was attainable but would take effort and consistency. It was not an easy goal especially since I wasn’t training for a full marathon this year. Reaching 1000 miles with just normal weekly runs and not high-mileage training doesn’t allow much room for error.

2017 running total
2017 Mileage thru Dec 1.


As the graph below shows, my weekly mileage had some ups and downs. Overall I mostly stayed in a range of 15-25 miles a week. It’s obvious which weeks I was fighting some illness and missed several days those weeks.

2017 milage

Weekly totals thru Dec 1

I still have the month of December to go so I’ll probably end with about 1100 miles for the year. For an old guy like me trying to balance a demanding job, home life, social life, volunteer time and more, I’ll take it.

Now, what about 2018…?

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A Sprint to the Finish

I’m cutting it a little close this year. Wednesday is November 1 so I have two months to meet my goal of running 1,000 miles in 2017. With holidays, travel and other commitments these remaining nine weeks will go by quickly. running log Nov2017Through today I’ve logged 928 miles this year. So 72 to go. I’ve averaged 20 miles a week for the first 43 weeks so I should be able to get 72 more in less than four weeks but for some reason I’m not feeling confident. In part because my schedule this week is crazy with work, some church board work and I’m getting ready for a vacation out-of-town next week. I usually get some good runs in while traveling but I also don’t want to take time away from my wife while on vacation so it’s a balance.

Goals are great. And for me, a running goal isn’t something I “hope” to do, it’s a commitment I make to myself. So it’s not an option. I’ll hit it. It’s just a matter of time.


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Race for the Conditions

When I decided to run a late September half-marathon I didn’t think there was any risk of it getting canceled due to high temperatures. But that’s what almost happened at this year’s Brooksie Way in Rochester, MI.

Instead of running the Detroit Free Press/Chemical Bank race in October as usual, I entered the Brooksie Way. I had heard it was a scenic but hilly course so that didn’t surprise me. But the unseasonal temps pushing near 90 degrees had the race organizers worried. At the expo on Saturday everyone picking up their race packet was warned the race may be cancelled if the temps were as high as predicted. The plan was to still let people run if they wanted but it wouldn’t be timed, that way people wouldn’t be encouraged to race it hard.

Fortunately Sunday morning was not quite as warm as predicted. So we started at 8:00AM in full sun and high 70s but it was a race. The organizers did a nice job of adding more water stops along the course so we had a station almost every mile.

Knowing the hills would be tough and the heat would add more challenge, I was smart enough not to shoot for a PR. I ran a nice, easy pace and finished in 2:04:30, a 9:31 pace. Good enough for 40th out of the 100 in my age group. And good enough to walk comfortably to the beer tent knowing I ran a smart race for the conditions.


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