About Me

I like to run. Early morning before work has always worked best for me. That way I have evenings for family things, meetings, work, etc.  I’m usually in the top ten percent of my age group for the fiver six races I run each year. I’ve even placed or won a few 5k races the last few years. I’ve completed four full marathons, a handful of half marathons and am looking forward to many more.

I believe God is good and answers prayer.

Things I like (in no particular order):
My family (one great wife and two great sons, a wonderful daughter in law and a beautiful granddaughter).
My church.
Bike riding around town.
Almost any kind of music – from Dylan to Marvin Gaye to ELO, REO, BTO, TSO, Yo Yo Ma to Van the Man to Americana Indie music.

Things I can do without:
Reality TV.
Negative people.


5 Responses to About Me

  1. Charlotte says:

    This is very, very interesting…I knew you were a very smart man, but I like this!! Keep up the good work! With everything!

  2. Michael Schafer says:

    Hi Art,

    My name is Michael Schafer. You were kind enough to pass my resume from Mary Glidden to your HR department for the position of Associate Corporate Counsel.

    Thank you very much for your consideration. I greatly appreciate it.

    Michael Schafer

  3. Lynn Lekander says:

    Hi Art, I hardly ever look at LInked-In but while I was looking around I found your name & blog and needed to take a look. You are one of the nicest people that I have worked with during my advertising career. You regularly knew what was needed to complete a client’s task and were able to communicate what was needed. I have no idea WHY you would want to run, but hey – everyone needs to ‘do what they need to do’. Hope you’re dong well – Lynn Lekander

  4. Lori Manos says:

    Hey, Art, came across your name and blog on Linked In. I forgot you were a runner. I got into running a few years ago basically out of convenience when I didn’t have time to get to the gym. I found it much quicker to simply throw on the running shoes and head out the front door to get in a good work out. I even worked my way up to doing the Brooksie Way half marathon and Free Press half marathon last year. Maybe I’ll run into you in an upcoming race. Hope all is well.

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