Two Sides to Every Story


Hollywood, California. Home of the rich and famous. And the homeless.

While visiting my son in LA this weekend I’ve been running through some great neighborhoods of multi-million dollar homes. I’ve also run past too many people who have nowhere to live except the street. Most large cities have their share of homeless people living among the rest of the population but for some reason the contrast seems greater in LA. Especially in Hollywood. How many times have you heard about people moving to Hollywood to find fame and fortune? Well, the fact is that very few find it. Unfortunately, too many spend all they have trying or they think they’ll get by off the scraps of others. And yes, some have mental problems so they aren’t thinking “right” at all.

It’s interesting to watch the tourists looking at the stars in the sidewalk along Hollywood Blvd. They “Ooh and Ahh”, point and take photos of the gold-colored stars  of their favorite actors and entertainers while ignoring the dirt, stains, and general filth that lines the sidewalk and street along with the homeless people sleeping against buildings or sitting with a hand out for change.

Seeing the extreme difference between the “stars” too many look up to and the poor that too many people look down at reminds me how truly blessed I am by God to have what I have.

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