Mapping Out The Race Year

Even though there’s still about a foot of snow on the ground outside I can almost feel the summer sun. That’s because I spent time today mapping out the races I plan to run this summer and fall.

Thinking about the Riverwalk 10k, Cruise in Shoes 5k, Brooksie Way Half marathon and Detroit Freep Half marathon has me anxious for the race season. This year I think I’ll also add a half marathon early in the year. In May I can choose between The Stony Creek half in Rochester or maybe a trip north for the St. Ignace half in the UP.

One disappointing fact I learned while looking at race calendars is that the popular Oak Apple Run in Royal Oak has called it quits after 40 years. This was one of my favorite races each year. Well organized, nice course, good crowds and close to home. But the founders have announced that after 40 years they are done. I posted last year that I had the race shirt from the 1st annual and I ran the 40th annual (and most in between). 40 Years Running. This event will be missed.

I also am excited about being in a new age group this season. I must admit I looked at the results of some of the races from last year to see what the winning times were in the 60-64 age group. There are some fast old guys out there. But in a few races I could have placed in the top 3 if I ran my best times. That’s the goal. Bring home the medal. Just like PyeongChang.


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