Hills and Cows, or Woodward Ave. and Cars?

Recently, I spent a few days in central Wisconsin attending my niece’s wedding. The wedding was great and it was fun to connect with family gathered from many states. It was also fun to get to run in a different setting than normal. There are no hills near my home just outside Detroit so the rolling hills of dairy land gave me a much different workout. I also have never seen a cow while running near home, but in Wisconsin I passed several farms where anywhere from five to fifteen cows would maintain eye contact with me and slowly move their heads to watch run by until I was out of sight. As I was running those mornings I thought “I could get used to this.” But once I got home and was running along Woodward Avenue being passed by hundreds of cars and passing stores, homes, and businesses I was glad to be back in familiar territory. I enjoy watching the activity in a city as I run. People busy coming and going mostly oblivious to the world around them as I run by.

An occasional change of pace like the hills of Wisconsin is good but I realized that for the most part I prefer cars to cows.

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