Music, Podcasts or Nothing?

It seems most runners are either music listeners or they are podcast listeners or they don’t use headphones at all. I switch it up frequently and bounce between all three. I don’t seem to have a pattern, it just depends on the day and my mood. I also depends if there are new episodes of the podcasts I listen to. Recently I’ve added a few new podcasts to my list – Runners World, Marathon Training Academy, Stories from the Trail – and have been catching up on past episodes so I’ve been listening to these more than music. But a few days a week I still switch to iHeart Music app and select one of my favorite stations. Or I’ll listen to my favorite music podcast – Freight Train Boogie.

However, since I never use headphones during races, I’ll occasionally train without them so I get used to listening just to the surrounding and my own mind. The variety of music, podcasts and nothing helps keep things interesting. If you are in a routine of one listening habit, mix it up. You may like the change.



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