Let’s go, Team! Run!

My running team is in first place. Yep, I joined a virtual team this year on Running Ahead and after seven weeks we’re in the lead with 74 points, which is 7 points ahead of the second place team. So far it’s been fun and has motivated me to get an extra run in a few weeks when I would have used the winter weather as an excuse otherwise.

The league seems well-run (pun intended.) There are 20 teams of about 30 runners each. The teams are balanced based on each person’s projected annual miles. I set my annual goal at 1000 miles. In 2015 I logged 850 miles which was a little light due to some injuries early in the year.

I haven’t taken the time to learn the exact rules for scoring yet. I just know that each person contributes to the team’s points by exceeding their mileage goal for the week. The weekly goal is your annual goal divided by 366 then multiplied by 7. I’ve exceeded my weekly goal in 6 out 7 weeks so far this year. The week I was short was due to a twisted ankle after finding a pothole on a dark, pre-dawn run.

Normally, this time of year is the hardest to keep my weekly miles up due to the ice and snow. Fortunately the weather hasn’t been too bad this winter although I have used the treadmill a few times in order to hit my weekly miles. Once Spring and Summer come I should be able to increase my miles and hit the annual goal without problem (assuming no injuries or set backs.)

Hopefully I can keep putting up points for the team. A little extra motivation never hurts.


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