Running Out of Town

Running in AZ on business was a nice break from January in MI

Running in AZ on business was a nice break from January in MI

While traveling for business it can be difficult to stick to your running schedule. But if you plan ahead you can get that run in and also do some exploring.

Last week I was in Phoenix for a few days for business. I wasn’t exactly sure what my schedule would be but I packed my running shorts, a couple of shirts, shoes and GPS watch with the hopes of getting out at least once. I was looking forward to a change of pace from the winter runs in Detroit. By late January the cold early morning outdoor runs are not as much fun.

Checking in at the J. W. Marriott in Phoenix, I asked if they had running maps for the area. Like most good hotels, they did. The small paper map had lines representing 1, 2.5 and 4.2 miles routes. The first night was a late one with a business dinner but the next morning at 6:30AM I was out in the cool 56 degrees desert air. I had looked at the map and thought I knew where the start of the running route was but in the dark I wasn’t able to find it so I found another sidewalk that lead out to the main road and took that for over a mile past retail shops and hotels. One of the most useful times to have a GPS watch is while running in a new town. Getting a quick 3.5 miles in before my first conference call of the day was a good start to the trip.

The next morning (again after a late night) I was out again in the fresh, cool AZ weather. This time I was on the running route from the Marriott map and took the 4.2 mile option past a golf hole, tennis courts and lots of cacti.

Getting those two runs in before heading home to the cold MI weather the next day a great break. It made today’s 7.7 miles here in Detroit’s 21 degree weather more bearable.

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