The New Normal?

After several months of physical therapy and no/low mileage weeks it appears I now have a “new normal”. Instead of 35 miles a week during summer race training I’ve determined that about 20-25 miles a week is best for my (aging) body. Well, at least for my Achilles tendons. If I run more than three days in a row or push heavy mileage over two days I can tell the tendons are inflamed and stiff. So for this summer my focus is shifting from higher mileage and long distance to try to increase speed. I’m hopeful this is a short-term situation and if I’m smart about my training this summer, rest and rehab better during the winter, then next summer I can get back to distance training and tackle another marathon or two. In the meantime, pushing myself on speedwork days has been fun. (Although at my age “speed” is relative).

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