GPS = Freedom

gpswatchI always record my runs on my training log (on  I use a basic Timex chrono watch to record the time and as I run I have to remember my route so I can go online later and plot it to determine the distance.  In order to make it easy to remember the routes I run on major roads, turn at major intersections or run an “out and back” route up a straight road. This is fine but doesn’t allow for a lot of flexibility during a run.  Until recently. I bought myself an early Christmas present – a GPS watch.  I’ve used it about a dozen times and love it. The Garmin seemed too complicated and I saw an ad or article in Runners World about the Soleus and it sounded like a good option. The online reviews were good so I ordered it online (after checking my local running store only to learn they didn’t carry that model.)

On today’s run I had a general idea of the direction and distance I wanted to run but with my Soleus tracking the route I made some adjustments during the 10.1 miles and ran on some roads I’d never run before.  It was nice not having to remember the route as I ran.  Then when I got home I just logged the distance and time on my log.

Maybe I’m late to the party and everyone else already uses a GPS but better late than never.

Merry Christmas.


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