How I Spent My Summer Vacation (part 1)

Well, summer is over.  The fact that I didn’t post much of anything during the summer does not mean that I didn’t do anything worth mentioning. In fact, quite the opposite.  It seemed I was so busy I just didn’t make time to post any updates here.  Now instead of writing a long, rambling post that tries to cover everything I did this summer I figure I’ll do a series of shorter posts with each one touching on one event from the summer. So, in no particular order…

A 10k in Ft. Wayne, IN.

I was in Ft. Wayne for the baptism of my nephew’s son and since my nephew is a runner (2:50 marathoner) he and I ran a 10k race together.  Well, we weren’t really together once the starting gun sounded except when we passed each other on the out-and-back course.  He won his age group and I did not.  Although I did have one of my better times for the season, my age group was the largest group at this race.  Just my luck, I pick one race out-of-state this summer and it has a whole bunch of fast, old guys.


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