Visit Your Local Library

Clawson Public Library is a convenient pit stop

When was the last time you went to the library?  With ipads, Kindles, and iBooks, plus newspapers and magazines online, you may think there’s no reason to use a library any more.  Well, lately I’ve been using them for three different reasons:

1. Check out books! Yes, I actually check out books to read.  In the last couple of months I’ve read some Elmore Leonard and Robert B. Parker (both great detective writers) and last week I started “Unbroken” the story of Olympic runner Louis Zamperini written by Laura Hillenbrand.  Using the library is much cheaper than buying books and I don’t have books cluttering the house once I’ve read them.

2. Check out music CDs.  Yep, most libraries have a good selection of music CDs. In the last several weeks I’ve checked out some old favorites like Allman Brothers and Dylan (of course), but also found some great artists that I’ve liked but never owned, like Miles Davis, Chick Corea and Art Blakey.  Cds are great because I copy to iTunes and then add to my ipad and ipod for running.

3. Get a drink of water.  This is why I’m writing about libraries on my running blog.  There are several libraries in my running area. Today I ran five miles up to the Clawson Public Library and stopped in to use their drinking fountain.  Carrying my own water is awkward while wearing cold weather running gear and I only need one water break on a winter long run.  So, stopping in a library works great.  I’ve stopped in a local Burger King before but got a suspicious look from the pimply faced kid at the counter when I just asked for a glass of water.    

So, when you’re running and looking for a place to grab a drink of water don’t forget your local public library.  And, don’t forget they loan you books for free too!

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