Call an Audible

Most runners have a route in mind when they start their run.  I’m no different.  I like to plan my distance and route before I head out the door.  Saturday I planned to do my usual 10 mile route up Rochester Road then over to Main Street up to the Clawson Library and back.  But when I woke up Saturday with a slight sore throat I had to reconsider.  As I got ready for my run I talked myself into sticking to the plan so I dressed and headed up Rochester Road.  After about two miles into a stiff headwind, I decided to call an audible and change my plan.  Instead of heading north into the wind, I turned and went down a road I’d never run before and just worked my way west and then back south on a new route.  I ended up running a little over 8 miles and felt fine plus it was a more interesting run because I’d never run those streets before.  So even though I didn’t get my 10 in, I had a decent run and didn’t wear myself out.  Today I feel fine and will make up the mileage in the coming week.

Don’t be afraid to be flexible and change your plans, even in mid-run.  Cut it short, add mileage, explore a new route.  Call an audible.



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