Soles for Souls

Put those old shoes to good use.

I bet you have at least a few pair of old running shoes stashed in the back of your closet.  You put 300 or 400 miles on them so you replaced them but they really don’t look too bad so you don’t want to trash them, right?  Well, check out a site called Soles4Souls.  They collect “gently used” shoes and give them to people in need.  It’s a simple idea that makes great sense.

I read on the race site for the Volkslaufe that Soles4Souls would have a collection site at the race registration building so I dug out four pairs of my old Asics and took them up to Frankemuth this weekend.  I was glad to see many other runners carrying in bags of old shoes.  In fact within about 30 minutes of registration opening, the volunteers were setting up a fourth donation box because the first three were nearly full.  Runners seem to be a giving, conscientious group by nature.  If there’s a cause to support or person to help, most runners want to pitch in.

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