Running, Exploring, Praying

Whenever I travel I try to get in a run.  It’s a great way to explore a new town and get a feel for the surroundings.

Last week I got out for two morning runs while in Bourbonnais IL, a small town about 50 miles south of Chicago.  One morning I ran to a city park that had some asphalt trails through fields that then opened to a new subdivision built near a nice, little river.  There were a few walkers on the trails and other people driving through the sub in the early morning possibly heading to the garage sales that were advertised on the signs displayed out on the main road. 

The other morning I ran around the perimeter and campus of Olivet Nazarene University, a small college in the heart of the little city.  ONU is a beautiful park-like campus on about 250 acres with trees, flowers, benches and brick walkways.  This run was a little different from other exploration runs for me.  This time I was exploring the school that would be my son, Sam’s, home for the next four years.  

I was on campus with Sam for freshman orientation.  I think when we arrived we were excited but also a bit nervous.  Sam didn’t know anyone else at the school and would need to find a roommate and select a dorm.  He would have to register for classes and meet his advisor.  So as I ran those mornings not only was I exploring, I was praying.  I know God has a plan for Sam but I must admit I found myself asking God to use my plan for Sam.  My plan is for Sam to get a great roommate, all the classes he wanted, make lots of good friends, graduate in four years and get a great job and be happy.  I’m not sure if that is God’s plan but I do know that whatever He has planned for Sam it will be for the best.  Maybe there will be bumps along the way and maybe things will not go exactly as I planned so my prayer is that Sam will trust God and stay close to Him while at ONU and beyond.

One thing that did give me some comfort was the fact that Sam’s new roommate is a cross-country runner and will be running at ONU.  He seems like a good kid and may even get Sam back out running a little.  Now that is a plan!

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