Pass It On

Today my son, Sam, turns 18 years old.  You may think that has nothing to do with running.  Well, it sort of does.  Sam is a runner.  But in a different way than I am a runner.  You see I run for fun and to stay in shape.  I run in the morning before work and I love doing road races in the area.  Sam hates to run in the morning and has no interest in road races.  He runs high school cross-country in the fall and track in the spring.  I think it’s the team aspects and fellowship of those sports that gets him to run because it’s not the actual running.  He actually says he really doesn’t like the running. 

As a runner and father I’m just glad he’s at least doing the running even if he says he doesn’t like it.  His older brother, Scott, was the same way.  My hope is that some day they’ll start running for fun and fitness even when they don’t have to.  Running is a great sport with many benefits that can last a lifetime.  So, if you’re a runner, pass it on.

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