Don’t Rush The Season

This time of year it’s easy to want to rush Spring.  The sun makes more frequent appearances, the days are a little longer and most of the snow is gone (except for those huge mounds of black snow and ice piled in the parking lots).  But don’t be fooled.  Most days are still cold, especially in the early morning.  Oh, sure, there’s the occasional sunny day that hits 60 degrees in the afternoon, but most days in late March are still running pants and long sleeve Under Armour weather.  Today was one of those tricky days.  Looking outside, the sky was fairly bright at 8:00AM.  So I was tempted to grab shorts and a long sleeve T-shirt.  But the outside temperature read 30 degrees and I could see the treetops swaying so I decided to be a little more cautious.  I went with the Under Armour leggings and long-sleeve top with a cotton-T-shirt over it, running cap and gloves.  It was just the right call.  A little cool on the ears the first few miles but 2-3 miles in, I felt just right.  When I ended back home after 8 miles, I was  warm but not overheated.  Spring officially arrives this week but that doesn’t mean it’s time to pack away the cold-weather gear.  Although, I am looking forward to that day.  Shorts and T-shirts are definitely my running gear of choice!

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