Do As I Say, Not As I Do.

I did not listen to my own advice and it hurt.  My back that is.  I just wrote a post last week about stretching but then Sunday after a nice 10.5 mile run I didn’t stretch.  I was in a hurry and just didn’t do it.  I showered, sat down to a nice dinner, then sat the rest of the evening.  Monday morning as I woke up I raised my arms for a nice morning stretch in bed and POW!  Instant back pain.  Couldn’t move without feeling like a knife was stabbing me in the lower back.  I knew it was because I’d tightened up overnight from not stretching after my run.  So, I spent the day trying not to move with a bag of frozen corn held against my back and praying a lot.  Thankfully after a painful day and fairly sleepless night it was much better on Tuesday.  I just had to get in and out of chairs very carefully but I was able to get to work.  By Wednesday, I was 95% back to normal.  I’m playing it cautious though and not planning to run until the weekend.  So, let this be an object lesson for you.  Stretching is key every time, (before and after) not just some times.

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