What keeps you from running?  Is it when you’re tired and would rather sleep?  Is it cold temperatures? Ice on the roads?  Too much work to do?  For most of us there are always “roadblocks” that try to detour us from getting our miles in.  This time of year seems to be the worst time for these hurdles.  Here in Michigan this week temps were in the single digits and teens in the morning.  Plus we had so much ice on the roads schools were closed for two days and many businesses were hurt by absent workers due to traffic delays.  Also, the holidays are fast approaching so that means added responsibilities like shopping, planning and parties.  So after a good longer run last Saturday, the icy roads drove me inside until today when things had been cleared or packed down enough to venture out. 

17 degrees and windy could have been a roadblock but after a week indoors I had to get out.  Ice patches and snow barriers made for slow going but I added some interest by heading a different direction and covered streets I’d never run before.  Occasionally not having a course helps.  I coasted for an easy hour taking new streets and corners and sight-seeing along the way.  This day no roadblocks were stopping me.

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