The Roads Are Getting Lonelier

The roads get lonely in the winter.

I thought about titleing this post “Misery loves company” but decided that was too negative.  Although I did think of that headline at 6:30 this morning as I was running in 29 degree weather with snow flurries outside.  In the summer I would often see a dozen other runners in the morning.  Some would wave or nod or even say Hello while others would not make eye contact.  But as the temperatures dropped so did the number of runners out in the morning.  Most mornings now I only see one or two others as we pass in the dark.  And even though most don’t say Hello, I do find comfort in the fact that I’m not the only person running outside at that hour in the cold.  There is even a part of me that finds motivation in the fact that there are so few runners out.  Running in the summer is easy, running in the winter takes committment and guts.  Something about the road less traveled…

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