Heads Up!

Wow, that was a close call!  This morning I was out early to get 7 miles in before work so it was still quite dark as I ran through the neighborhood.  I was on a street I run often but instead of running with traffic I had crossed the street as I approached the park with a water fountain.  I was looking down to watch my footing in the dark and glancing up occasionally and as cars approached.  The next thing I knew I lifted my head and at the same time heard a scream from a woman on a bike about one foot in front of me.  I screamed at the same instant and leaped to the right as she fortunately swerved to her right at the same time.  We missed each other by inches.  I yelled “Sorry!” back over my shoulder but she was gone in the darkness, probably shaking as much as I was.

This was a great reminder to me to follow traffic rules and run with traffic and keep your head up.  As the daylight gets shorter in the fall, I may also breakout the reflective vest a little earlier.

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