Be a Running Evangelist

If you really believe in something you usually tell others about it, correct?  Usually that applies to religion.  (Hopefully you belive in Jesus Christ and hopefully you are telling people).  But it also should apply to running.  In fact, my guess is it applies more to running.  I’m sure for most people it’s easier to talk running than faith .  So if you aren’t a running  evangelist, you should be.  And I do mean that both ways.  You should be an evangelist about running and an evangelist that runs.  But for this blog I’ll focus on the former.  Telling others about the benefits of running is easy.  Weight loss, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, less stress, better attitude, what’s not to like?  Sure, there are the people who say “you’ll drop dead from running” or “It’s bad for your knees” but usually they are just looking for an excuse. 

The best way to be a running evangelist is to invite others to join you.  Don’t brag about your running or try to shame them into it, just be an encourager.  Come to think of it, that’s the same way to be an evangelist that runs.

So get out there and start running and spreading the Word!

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