Cleveland Rocks!

The Quicken Loans Arena in the heart of Downtown Cleveland makes a good landmark as you run through downtown.

Who knew running in downtown Cleveland at 7:00AM could be interesting?  I was staying at the Ritz in downtown Cleveland for a few days this week while attending meetings at Quicken Loans Arena (home of the Cleveland Cavaliers.)  Both Monday and Tuesday mornings I went out for a run just before 7:00AM.  I didn’t think I’d see much traffic or action but I was wrong.  There were buses and people walking on every street.  The city actually felt active.  As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I tend to get lost in unfamiliar areas so my run was a fairly straight shot up one main street until the active business district turned into what appeared to be the abandoned warehouse district, then cutting over a few blocks to another busy street and heading back.  It was interesting to see the downtown from another view but I could tell by the odd looks I got that these early morning workers were not used to seeing a runner cruising through downtown in the morning darkness.  That just added to the fun.

Cleveland Rocks!

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