What a Difference Daylight Makes

Saturdays mean I can run when it’s light outside.  Weekdays at 6:15AM it is very dark outside which for some reason always makes the temperature feel much colder.  But Saturdays I can wait to run when it’s light. Like this morning when I headed out at 9:15AM. Even though it was cloudy and quite windy, the daylight made it a much nicer run. The first mile was a little rough heading into the wind but then I settled in and had a great long run making up the course a little as ran.  Running pants and two layers on top were just right.  Sometimes I have to guess at how much I need but for the most part I have it figured out. After I got home I used the great tool on www.runnersworld.com to map the course and was pleased that I had covered 9.8 miles.  A great way to start a weekend!

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