A Sunny 24 Degrees

I knew winter had to come eventually so I shouldn’t have been surprised that the temp read 24 degrees this morning at 9:00AM.   At least the sun was shining.  It had been a while since we had temps that low so I had to guess at what to wear.  I went with Under Armor leggings and top then a Cool-Max shirt over that plus hat and gloves.  Turns out that was perfect.  I was very comfortable the entire 9 miles.  I got some interesting looks from some drivers and I imagine they were thinking “what’s wrong with that guy running in this cold weather”.  But I also passed about half-dozen other dedicated runners and I’m sure they were thinking the same thing I was, “what’s the big deal, it’s cold, so what?”

I know it will get harder to stay outside once the snow flies but for now, 24 and sunny is just fine.

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