Stay Motivated by Reading

november2009100x100  This time of year it can be difficult to stay motivated to run regularly.  The prime race season is done, each day has less sunlight, and the temperature is dropping.  I find that reading about running actually helps keep me motivated.  Runners World ( ) magazine has a great variety of articles each month.   Reading their work out advice, eating tips and feature stories about runners facing extreme challenges or with special accomplishments gets me thinking about how to take my game up.  Plus, when I see ads for races in other states I start dreaming of running Big Sur or a Rock n Roll marathon.  There are also many good blogs written by runners of all abilities from all parts of the country that can keep your mind on running even when it’s dark and cold outside.  Complete Running Network is a great source for hundreds of blogs ( You can search by topic, experience level, geography and more.

So, grab a magazine or find a blog to read then start planning your Spring races while you’re pounding the pavement this winter dressed in layers with your hat and gloves. 




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2 Responses to Stay Motivated by Reading

  1. bartolomo says:

    I am also a big fan of ‘Runner’s World’. It’s almost impossible not to be motivated when a new issue comes! It’s also nice the way they blend articles about the elites and us ‘non-elites’. I’ve suggested the magazine to a few beginning runners and also typically give my old issues away to anyone who even mentions they may be interested.

  2. The Art of Running says:

    Yes, it is a great resource. And even though I can read it all online, I still like sitting down and flipping pages in a magazine. It somehow seems more “real”.

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