The Hardest but Best Run of the Season (so far).

Ten miles in the mid-day sun.  That was tough, and great. Normally I’m an early morning runner even on Saturdays but this Saturday morning I was heading to a tailgate (Fire Up Chips!) so I couldn’t get my run in.  Then Sunday morning is church and Bible Class so it was after 11:00AM before I was ready to run.  And by then it was sunny and getting HOT.  I strapped on my water bottle belt (first time of the season) and headed out.  Slow and steady was my plan as I headed up Main Street through Royal Oak and into Clawson.  The water sure came in handy as I hit the five mile mark in my route and headed back home.  While sweating like crazy doing a cool-down walk I was thinking that was the hardest run I’ve done all season but also probably the best.  A great sense of accomplishment.

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