Morning or Evening?

Runners are either morning runners or evening runners.  I don’t believe you can be both.  At least I can’t.  If my schedule doesn’t allow for a morning run that day is shot.  Even if I have time later that evening (like tonight) I just can’t get out there.  For some reason it doesn’t feel right.  I’m not sure why but the whole experience just feels messed up in the evening.  Part of it might be that there’s too much traffic and activity in evenings compared to early morning.   Or because I’m tired from working all day or I don’t want to run on a full stomach after a late dinner.  Maybe hardcore marathoners that need to log 40+ miles a day are doing two-a-days but my bet is middle-of-the-pack runners like me pick a time of day and stick to it.

Am I correct?

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2 Responses to Morning or Evening?

  1. runshorts says:

    For me it’s a weekday/weekend split, as in on weekdays I run almost exclusively in the evenings and on weekends in the mornings. When I do mix things up (like with a Saturday evening run) I actually get a wee boost from the novelty, but most days I prefer my well-established routine.

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