Chocolate Milk? Yes, Chocolate Milk!

Hersey's syrup and cold milk - A post-run favorite.

Hersey's syrup and cold milk - A post-run favorite.

Are you confused by all the Sport drinks on the market?  It’s not easy to sort through the dozens of brightly-packaged, attractive labels on the shelf that promise endurance, performance, or fast recovery.  Depending on your workout, the correct hydration can be very important.  Especially your post-run drink.  A number of experts say that taking protein and carbs quickly after a run can reduce muscle damage.  And an often recommended post-run drink is good old fashioned chocolate milk.  That’s right, cold cow juice and Hersey’s syrup.  Who knew?  I tried it a few times last year after long runs while training for a marathon.  Then I forgot about it until I read an article in the July Runner’s World comparing drink options.  It also mentions chocolate milk as a good post-run option so I mixed a drink today after my 1.5 miles (yes, I’m being cautious).  And it tasted great!  So, go “old school” and mix some chocolate milk after your next run. In fact, just the anticipation may give you a little lift during your run!

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One Response to Chocolate Milk? Yes, Chocolate Milk!

  1. Sam sharma says:

    Don’t know if you got this idea from here – if you didn’t, it’s worth a read

    I hear the supplement marketing is not as fraudulent in running as in lifting (especially bodybuilding but powerlifting too)

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