Getting Started (Again)

Six weeks ago a ten mile run was easy.  Yesterday I had to walk after about a half-mile.   My legs hurt, I was breathing heavy, and my shoulder hurt.  That’s because about six weeks ago I had shoulder surgery and couldn’t run since.  I  knew that long layoff would take its toll but I didn’t think it would be that bad.  I ran the half-mile then walked a few minutes then ran and walked some more.  I hate to admit but I felt silly walking.  I kept thinking “I’m a RUNNER, I shouldn’t be walking”.  But I guess I need to accept that at age 51 my body needs more exercise to maintain a level of fitness than it did at age 31.   

My doctor and therapist said I could start running again and it wouldn’t damage anything in my shoulder so the pain surprised me.  Apparently it was just the sore muscles and ligaments hurting from the jarring.    

So, I’m back running (sort of) and will try to be smart about building my mileage back up.  The last thing I want is an injury due to adding miles to quickly.  So, we’ll see if I have more patience at age 51 than I had at age 31.

Wish me luck.

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