One of the Summer’s Best Races

If you are a runner in Michigan you’ve probably heard of the July 4th race in Frankenmuth.  Maybe you’ve never heard it called the Volfslaufe, because many people can’t pronounce it.  Over the last 34 years the Volkslaufe (German for “The People’s Race” as in Volkswagon- “The People’s Wagon/Car”) has grown to be one of the best races in the state.  I have probably run it nearly 20 times and each time the field is large but manageable, the course is scenic, the aid stations and support are great.  The entire city welcomes the runners and the race route is lined with spectators young and old.  

One of the coolest features of this small town race is the announcer at the finish line calling off names and times as middle-of-the-pack runners trot across through the chute.

If you haven’t run the Volkslaufe be sure to mark your calendar for next year. It’s always on July 4th(unless that’s a Sunday like 2010, then it runs on Saturday so you won’t miss Sunday church) with a spaghetti dinner and fireworks the night before.

Here’s a link.  Check it out.

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