Text Updates Let You Track Your Racer

Maybe this is old news to some of you, but I just learned about text message updates of racers.  A friend of mine running the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Half (see previous post) signed me up through http://www.competitor.com” so I could get text message update of her progress.  It was very cool.  I was in Michigan and got a text on my cell when she crossed the starting line, then one with her 5k time, another at 10k, then 9 miles and another with her final time.  Definitely not the same as watching from the sidelines, but it was exciting to track her pace.  I found myself checking my cell much like a spectator scanning the crowd of runners to pick out a friend as the field runs by. 

I’m not sure how many races are offering this feature but if you are entered in a race that uses it defintiely add your friends and family.  They’ll enjoy it and you will know you have fans cheering for you even if you can’t see them along the

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2 Responses to Text Updates Let You Track Your Racer

  1. CoachTief says:

    Chip timing is so cool for things like that. I coach a cross country team in high school and love it when they use chip timing. The results are done instantly so we don’t have to wait forever for awards and so forth.

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