Rock ‘n’ Roll Stacy!

Stacy at the Rock and Roll half
Stacy at the Rock and Roll half

One of the greatest things about running is that everyone can be a winner in a race.  Sure only one person can come in first place but all of us that run can be a winner if we hit our goal.  Maybe that goal is to beat your best previous time or maybe it’s just to finish.   

My friend Stacy was running her first half-marathon last Saturday at the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon event.   Participating in a large running event like that can be intimidating even to seasoned runners.  And for a first-timer it can really throw you.  But Stacy was determined to reach her goal of finishing so she focused on that and ignored the noise. 

Even though I don’t think she had ever run 13.1 miles before, Stacy was in it to win it and finished strong.  So to Stacy and everyone else who meets your goal at a race this summer – “Great job.  You are a Winner!”     

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One Response to Rock ‘n’ Roll Stacy!

  1. Stacy says:

    Thanks Art; you’re always a winner in my book! Rock on!

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