Be Flexible

As an “experienced” runner (over age 50) I know it’s important to stay flexible.  Stretching before and after runs and even on rest days in critical to staying healthy.   But sometimes I forget to be flexible with my schedule.  I have a plan I follow to prepare for certain races and I’m pretty good about sticking to the plan.  If some major scheduling conflict comes up it really bothers me to miss a workout.  This week I planned to do a 6 mile tempo run on Wednesday morning.  But Wednesday was my son Sam’s 16thbirthday so I wanted to have breakfast withhim before school.  So instead of feeling bad for missing time with him or for missing my run, I made Wednesday my short two mile base run then had breakfast with Sam.  On Thursday morning I did my 6 mile tempo run.  This shifting of days may not sound like a big deal to non-runners but it is to most runners.  Fortunately Thursday morning was much nicer (and drier) than Wednesday so that was a bonus.  So, stay flexible – in more ways than one.

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