Look Both Ways

Attention Runners: Beware of drivers making right-hand turns out of parking lots.  It seems about once a month I almost get hit by some knucklehead who is looking left while turning right out of a parking lot driveway.  I have learned to watch drivers to be sure they make eye contact with me before I run in front of a car even when it’s stopped.  Many people start to roll their car as they are looking left and more than a few times I was running directly in front of them at the time.  It’s only when I yell “HEY!” that they hit the brake and turn to look where they’re going.  This happened again Sunday.  If I hadn’t seen that this woman (no comment) wasn’t watching I would have been toast.  She was at a complete stop as I approached from the sidewalk to the right but then she began to pull out without looking forward.  I could tell my yell startled her becasue she jumped on the brakes.  She gave me that “I’m sorry I almost killed you” look as I passed in front of her car.  Hopefully, next time she’ll look left AND right before turning out of a driveway.  But don’t count on it.  You need to look for her.

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