Accidents can Happen

I was reminded earlier this week that no matter how careful I think I’m being, accidents will happen.  With 10″-12″ of snow on our roads since last Friday I was on the treadmill over the weekend.  Then it looked like the roads were clear enough for running Monday and Tuesday but I was still extra careful and, in fact, cut one run short when I was losing footing on the turns.  So I didn’t think I had anything to worry about when I was out shoveling the walk just to widen the path a little.  Then as I was walking to put the shovel back in the garage my boot kicked an uneven brick in the walk and down I went, right on my kneecap.  Man, that hurt!  I have a nice blueish- green kneecap and pain when I bend it but it doesn’t appear to be more than a bruise.  I’ve reduced my miles a little the last few days on the treadmill to hopefully help it heal a little quicker but it still hurts.

I know I’m lucky I only got a bruised kneecap and not a broken wrist or worse from the fall.  I was concerned about running on the snow and ice but it was walking that got me. 

Accidents can (and will) happen.  Be ready.

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