Winter Running Is Cool!

19 degrees.  That was the temp this morning when I headed out the door for a run.  There’s something cool (pun intended) about running outside when it’s too cold for many people to even think about driving somewhere.   

With the proper clothes, like Under Armour Cold Gear ( and hat and gloves, winter running can be fun.  The cold air feels fresher and cleaner than hot, humid summer air so breathing is easier.  Your body doesn’t sweat as much in the winter so you don’t need to hydrate quite as often.  And you get the most interesting looks from drivers as they try to understand why anyone would be running when it’s so cold outside.

One trick to winter running is to warm-up and stretch inside so your muscles are ready to run as soon as you get outside.  With the right gear and preparation, winter running can be a blast.

As long as the roads are dry so you don’t slip on ice, cold weather is no excuse for missing a run. 


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