Do You Need A Goal In Order to Run?

Why is it that some people can only run if they’re training for a race?  I’ve talked with several people recently that tell me they just don’t run unless they have a specific race coming up.  Does that mean they aren’t “real” runners?  Or does it mean that the other runners are addicted to running?  Just asking.

I ran the Detroit Marathon three weeks ago.  I took the entire next week off and then started back running four days a week.  Not long miles, in fact, the eight miles I did today has been my longest since the race.  

I’ve run for years without worrying about what the next race was that I’d do.  The problem is, this week as I was running something felt different.  I enjoyed the runs but I missed the anticipation of a race coming up.   At the end of the summer my plan was to run the marathon in October then just run a basic training schedule all winter to prepare for some summer 10ks.  But not I think I need a race sooner.  A running “fix”?        

I checked to see what races I could find for November or December.  It seems there are dozens of “Turkey Trots” in November and “Jingle Bell” runs in December.  Most are 5ks.  I’m not sure that’s what I’m looking for, but at this point it may have to do.

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2 Responses to Do You Need A Goal In Order to Run?

  1. Hey! Thanks for the post. Interesting thoughts. I participated in the 5-person relay at Detroit and had a hard time after the race. The weather got colder and it just seemed a lot harder to run the distances I covered fairly easily over the summer. It’s good to have goals, and it’s true that some of us can’t run without them. Maybe the answer is to have mini-goals that you set up yourself, with no larger “race” goal in mind. Each week, a new goal. Maybe we even do this already. Who knows?

  2. theartofrunning says:

    Thanks for the comment. I agree, we each can have our own goals, large or small. As long as they work for you! Keep running!

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