Ambassador Bridge Sets The Tone For A Great Race.

Ambassador Bridge takes runners to Canada
Ambassador Bridge takes runners to Canada

About three and a half miles into the Detroit Marathon the early morning sky was beginning to lighten.  Not quite sunrise yet but I could tell it was close.  The experienced marathoners around me started telling the group to get ready for the bridge.  I had heard that crossing the bridge was one of the highlights of the race and was looking forward to it. 

Just as we were heading up the incline to the toll gates the sun was breaking above the buildings on the Windsor skyline.  The clear blue sky, bright yellow sun, glistening water below and thousands of colorful runners on the bridge struck me as the official starting point of the race.  We’d been weaving our way through the warehouse streets of southwest Detroit for about thirty minutes at that point but it felt like a warm-up.  Now, as I started to settle into a comfortable pace and looked out over the water and Windsor, it seemed like this was the race.  I was on my way.  And at that point I had no doubt I would finish this marathon. It was just a matter of time.    
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