Hanging With “Old” Friends Never Gets Old

Jeff and Steve relax at CMU Homecoming '08

All three of us used to run for fun back in college.  Jeff even did a couple marathons during our years in Mt. Pleasant.  But the years have brought aches and pains that have slowed all of us and right now I’m the only one still able to log miles.  Thanks to God for good genes, and relatively healthy knees! I’ve met many people over the years that used to be runners but can’t do it any more.  Most wish they still could but some physical limitation has stopped them, not the lack of willingness.  I guess God just made each body differently so some hold up to the rigors of running longer than others.  Most of the time I doubt the physical problems are anything the individual could have avoided.  It just happens.  So, be thankful for the shape you’re in, no matter what that shape is.  Because there will always be someone with more problems than you.  And if you are able to run or do other physical activities, don’t miss that chance, because you may not be able to later.    

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