Try the other side of the street.

Most of us are creatures of habit.  Eating the same breakfast every day, driving the same route to the office every day, running the same route each run.  I have a basic route that I use for long runs, just adding more distance on the end to increase miles.  Last Saturday when I was about 6 miles into my 20 mile run I got stopped by a traffic light at an intersection.  Usually I wait until the light changes and then cross and continue.  But Saturday I made the impulse decision to cross over to the other side of the street with the light and then cross again when that light changed. S o now I was heading the same direction I always do but I was on the other side of the street.  All of a sudden I saw houses and stores I’d never seen before.  It was like I had a whole new route.  Although I was only four lanes of traffic away from my usually route I felt like I had never been down that street. 

A small change of scenery can give you a fresh perspective and new energy.  Try it.  Next time I may run the route in reverse, starting out the direction I usually finish.  I know, that’s just plain crazy!

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