A Honk and Wave Can Make All the Difference.

Saturday looked like it was going to be a wash out.  It was predicted to rain all day but I wanted to get in a 20 mile training run.  I stood in the rain in the morning watching my two sons run their Cross Country meet and hoping it would stop raining so I could get my run in.  As the day went on it was obvious the rain was not going to let up. 

So, at 4:30 I filled my hydration pack, stuffed two bags of Sport Beans in the pouch, grabbed a baseball cap and headed out into the rain.  At first the rain was actually a nice distraction and gave me something different to focus on.  But by about mile 15 I was rethinking my decision.  I did decide that wearing totally soaked clothes and shoes full of water is not a fun way to run.  But just then as I was heading along Maple Road with my head hanging down I heard a car horn honk and looked up to see an unknown driver with his hand out the window giving me a “thumbs up.”  A total stranger (but probably a runner) offering encouragement.  In an instant, without thinking, my head was up, I was smiling and had a burst of energy.  

The rain kept coming as I finished my 20 miles but I found myself giving a smile and a nod to the few people I passed in parking lots and at intersections.  I’m sure they thought I was crazy but a honk and a wave – whether you’re getting or giving – can make all the difference.

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One Response to A Honk and Wave Can Make All the Difference.

  1. bartolomo says:

    Thanks for the look at my blog. And yes, I know, the honk and wave can be encouraging. Just like the fans at a race, right? I always like to say, “What other endeavor could I undertake at this point of my life, where adoring fans would cheer me on!”
    Btw, you might want to take a look at CommentLuv. It’s a plugin for WP that leaves your last blog post with your name. Good luck. Keep running.

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