Camelbak works much better than I thought

Now that summertime has come to Michigan, my long Saturday runs are getting hot and humid.  I’ve been carrying a water bottle but I really hate the water sloshing in the half-full bottle and switching the bottle from hand to hand.  So I found a Camelbak FlashFlo on craigslist and got it.  Even though I bought it I was still expecting it to be a hassle to use and had low expectations.  I was very pleasantly surprised.  After a few mid-course adjustments to the belt I found a comfortable position and didn’t even feel it.  Plus as I drank and the reservoir became less full, it flattens out so NO SLOSHING!

If you don’t have a good hydration system that works for you (hiding bottles behinds trees ahead of time always seemed liked to much work), then check out the FlashFlo fanny pack type.  You will be surprised.

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