Running lets you explore new cities

In the last three weeks I’ve had to make two business trips to California.  The business part of each trip went fine but one of the best parts of each was the running. 

In Costa Mesa, I ran about five miles around an area that included the Orange County Performing Arts Center, concert hall and theatre.  Running is a great way to explore areas like this. I could see all sides of these beautiful buildings as I ran around them which I could not have easily done in a car.  From there I ran through some residential developments under construction which again, would not have been possible if driving.

Last week in Rancho Cordova, near Sacramento, I did about five miles around a commercial park.  It was 6:00AM local time and I was surprised to see so much activity. Lots of early risers getting to their  offices. 

The weather for all my runs on these two trips was ideal.  Warm but not hot (at least not at 6:00AM) and not a cloud in the sky.

Exploring new cities while running adds a fun, interesting element you can’t get at home.  Just remember to pay attention to your route so you can backtrack.  Getting lost in a new cities would add a whole other level of excitement,   

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