Is softball cross-training?

Softball started this week.  Our team is the “fun” men’s team from my church.  We like to win and we try but we’re more interested in the camaraderie and exercise.  Nothing too serious.  Since I run about 25 miles a week I didn’t think I’d need any real adjustment to get in shape for softball.  Wrong.  Sprinting the bases apparently uses different muscles than distance running and swinging a bat definitely uses different ones.  So after the first game (which we won 26-9) I was a bit sore.  But it felt good.  I love distance running but it we great to get out on the baseball field again and hit and throw.  And catch up with some guys I haven’t seen all winter.     

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One Response to Is softball cross-training?

  1. behamhocikde says:

    Thanks for the encouraging comment! I’m hoping that as I get better at running, it becomes a permanent part of my life and not just a month-long fad. Good luck with softball!

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