Map Your Route. It’s easy.

Many experienced runners can judge their pace as they’re running in order to judge their distance.  I’m getting better at that but I still like to confirm the distance of my training runs.  In the past that meant driving the car to retrace the run and checking the odometer.  Now there are great online mapping tools that make measuring your route easy. 

Last Saturday I wanted to do a 9 mile run.  I have a 9 mile route that I’ve run before I felt like running a different direction.  So I quickly logged onto and went to my training log.  RW has a great online log.  I’ve been using it since the first of this year to track my workouts.  It’s super easy to use and let’s you view your progress in charts or graphs.  It also has a  mapping tool similar to a Google Maps feature, but even easier.  I selected the road map of my city then with a few clicks I had a 9 mile route laid out.  Plus I knew where the mile markers were so during my run I could check my pace.  A few minutes later I was heading out the door in a new direction.

Technology. Gotta love it.


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