Songbirds make a difference

Running in mid-April should mean shorts and t-shirts, or long-sleeve t’s at the most.  But this morning when it was 32 degrees and dark outside it was hard to tell April from February.  And then, about a mile into my run, I started to realize something was different.  Sure, the roads were dry which was rare in February, but that wasn’t it.  Was there a hint of daylight starting to creep into the horizon?  Maybe just a hint, but that wasn’t the difference either.  It was the birds! A steady stream of songbirds were active at 6:15AM.  I have no idea what type of birds they were but it sounded like quite a variety.  All I know is I sure don’t recall hearing them in a long time, like months!  Maybe there were birds singing all winter and I just didn’t notice but it doesn’t matter.  To me the birds singing changed this morning’s run from a cold late-winter run into a cool, early-spring run.  And that made all the difference.


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