Finally, dry roads!

It’s been a long, cold winter.  But that’s not really the problem for most runners.  Oh, sure, I’d prefer a nice sunny, 72 degrees but I don’t mind cold weather running either.  It’s the ICE and SNOW that’s the killer.  I can’t count the number of times this winter when I planned to run outside only to wake up to snow and ice covered roads.  As a younger runner I headed out into the white stuff without a second thought.  Now that I’m in the Masters division of the local races, I find myself being a lot more cautious of my footing on slippery roads.  That caution makes me change my running form and posture and that’s not good.  So, I’ve been logging a lot of my miles on the treadmill this winter.  Until Saturday.  At 6:00AM Saturday the roads were clear.  So I headed out for the best run in weeks.  And that crisp 30 degrees never felt so warm!   

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