Do it because you said so.

Don’t let yourself down.  If you tell yourself you’re going to do something, do it.  I run 4-5 days a week. I decide the night before if I’m going to run the next morning.  Then in the morning I don’t have to decide. If I said I was going to run, I run. Some mornings that’s easy but today it wasn’t.  I was up later than usual last night, had a busy day ahead of me today and there was new snow on the ground.  So this morning I was tempted to hit the alarm and catch a little more shuteye.  But, I had told myself last night I would run.  If I had told a friend I’d meet them for a run I wouldn’t have stayed in bed and let them down, so why let myself down?  So I chose to get up and run my four miles.  I admit the first one was a little harder than usual but after that I was glad to be running.  And the rest of the day went great.  It might not have gone so well if I felt guilty all day about letting myself down. 

It’s all about choices. 

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